In the summer of 2000, a new medium of entertainment grabbed the interest of television viewers in unprecedented numbers. Survivor was the first reality show if its kind, featuring ordinary people from all walks of life who survived the elements “Robinson Crusoe” style.

Predicting Personality 
Dr. Liza Siegel and Dr. Richard Levak developed a battery of personality tests and interviews that would help the producers cast the show. From the beginning, they recognized that this was an unusually vibrant, upbeat, and bubbly group of people who achieved a great deal of success in life.

On Location 
Once the casting is complete, Liza accompanies the cast and crew to location where she lends support to the cast once they’re eliminated from the show.

Lessons in Resilience 
Competing on these shows is much harder than it looks and people have to adjust to being seen as a “character” on television. Because the cast is made up of such upbeat and positive people, they draw upon their emotional resilience to bounce back quickly. The experience offers tremendous lessons learned about overcoming adversity and how to thrive on challenge.