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Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2


Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2: A Positive Psychology Approach
Authors: Richard Levak, Liza Siegel, and David Nichols

Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2 provides clinicians with empirically-based, practical information about how to convey the abundance of information in the MMPI-2 profile in a way that is collaborative, empathic, hopeful, and facilitates a therapeutic alliance. The authors expand upon this already robust test by demonstrating how therapeutic assessment and feedback can be improved upon by considering three contributions from positive psychology:
• that behavior can be viewed as potentially adaptive; traditional pathological and maladaptive behaviors can be reframed as understandable responses to stressors
• that therapeutic feedback is empathic, nonjudgmental, and mostly jargon free; humans respond to overwhelming stress in understandable ways that the therapist can give coherence and meaning to
• lastly, that therapeutic feedback stresses self-esteem and resilience building through self-awareness as a goal.
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