About Dr. Siegel

Dr. Liza Siegel is a clinical psychologist with a unique insight into individual personality and group dynamics. She specializes in brief, solution-focused therapy and uses hypnotherapy as well. As an Associate of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area (MHEIBA) Dr. Siegel uses hypnosis in conjunction with other modalities of therapy to help clients make positive changes toward their goals.

As the consulting psychologist for such top reality television shows as Survivorand The Apprentice she has years of proven success predicting individual personality and behavior. As the on-site, location psychologist who supports the people who are eliminated from the show, she also has first-hand knowledge about the core personality traits that lead to success.

Dr. Siegel also provides assessments for Veterans seeking help with compensation and benefits.

In 2006, her book Suite Success was nominated for a BEA award for Business books. The book offers simple leadership skills drawn from over 20 seasons of predicting behavior and group dynamics. In 2011, she coauthored Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2 which is widely employed by professionals in the field of assessments and is used in colleges and universities to train graduate students.

Dr. Siegel’s Ph.D. is from CSPP at Alliant University. She has taught personality theory, developmental psychology, and behavioral psychology to both graduate and undergraduate classes at Antioch University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Liza delivers entertaining and inspirational seminars, keynotes and workshops.

Liza served as a Captain in the United States Air Force from 1986 to 1991, and she combines her personal knowledge about leadership with her clinical background to lend a unique perspective. She is passionate about helping people achieve long lasting and positive change.


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